A Fun & Easy Way to Gather Memories

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As we visit our beloved (or perhaps our barely tolerable LOL 😂) relatives over the next couple of weeks,  you’re likely to be surrounded with great opportunities to capture family stories.  All you need is 2-3 minutes of prep work, and you’re all set!

STEP 1: Copy and paste the questions below into a new document, or just hit print now!  Tear or cut out the 20 questions, put them in a baggie and take them to your family’s holiday get-together.  Find your voice memo app on your phone and create a test recording. There is not a specific time limit on the app, but the amount that you’ll be able to record is dependent on the internal storage capacity of your device.  

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STEP 2:  At your upcoming holiday gathering, pass a bowl around with the questions inside.  Each person should draw one — no peeking!  Turn “ON” the Voice Memo app on your phone to record the answers.  (Note:  Be sure to keep an eye on the app to ensure it is recording.  There have been reported quirks where the app will randomly stop recording.) 


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Preface questions 1-18 with “When you were young…”

1). What family holiday tradition was your favorite?

2). What family member was known for giving the best presents?  And the worst?

3). Did you leave out milk and cookies for Santa?  Were they gone when you woke up?

4). What was the best Christmas gift you received? Tell us about it.

5). Did you make Christmas cookies?  What kind was your favorite?  Do you still make them?

6). Did you have an artificial or real Christmas tree? Where did it get set up in the house? 

7). What was your favorite Christmas movie?  How old were you when you first saw it? 

8). What “must have” menu items were guaranteed to be at your Christmas meal?

9). Name five Christmas songs you grew up hearing.  

10). What was your favorite holiday dessert when you were young?  And now?

11). Were you allowed to open gifts on Christmas Eve?  Were there any special rules?

12). Did you go to church on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, or both?

13)  Whose house was your favorite to visit?  Why?

14). Who had the best decorations in your neighborhood or town?

15). Did your family open gifts all at once, or did you take turns opening them?

16). What family member could always be counted on for the most festive spirit?  

17). Did your family have a crèche/nativity set?  Where is it today?

18). Did your family have any New Years traditions?  Please describe.

19). Recite as much of “Twas the Night Before Christmas” as you can remember.  When you can’t go any further, pick someone to help you complete the story.

20). What are the gifts in the “12 Days of Christmas” song?

cut herecut here 2cut here 2


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Please come back and share your family’s experience!

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