It’s Christmas in New Orleans!

At Santa’s Quarters in the French Quarter.

Day 3

The Green House Inn is spectacular, and if you’re traveling to New Orleans, do yourself a favor and book a stay here.  Built in 1840 and situated on Magazine Street in the lower Garden District, the Inn is a quick walk to the National World War II Museum and 1.5 miles to all the happenings in the French Quarter.  If you’re the uptight type, be forewarned… the inn’s beautiful garden and pool are clothing optional!

A pleasant and sunny 60 degrees made for great walking weather, until I discovered that the only brown shoes in my bag were my fuzzy slipper boots (**smack forehead**).  Ya’ll know that fashion comes first, and I’m happy to report that my feet and my slippers made it through 5 miles unscathed!  

The senior “roller” at the Cigar Factory is from the Dominican Republic, where he began his apprenticeship at the age of 13.

The New Orleans food scene will make your mouth water, and today’s favorites were: Molly’s Hot Buttered Rum, Trinity’s Praline Bacon and Ye Olde College Inn’s Crawfish Mac n’ Cheese.  Yummy, yummy in the tummy!!!

The food in this city can only be surpassed by all the things to see and do. The day’s top attractions were: Trinity’s Christmas drag show, the team of cigar rollers at the Cigar Factory, and the rowdy packs of Steelers fans stirring up emotions as they roamed the city in anticipation of the game tomorrow.

Day 4

If there’s one thing I’m always fascinated by, it’s old cemeteries.  From the epitaphs to the architecture, they capture something inside me.  Maybe it’s the link to family stories, history, and genealogy or maybe I’m just a weirdo (no need to answer that one).

Today was a day for all things gloom, doom and Hurricane Katrina. I was stunned by the barren 450 ft site of the first levee break and my imagination was captured by a few properties long forgotten. I’m happy to say that the area has undergone tremendous revitalization, and the city appears to have put the horrific event in their past. 

On a more cheerful note, today’s food favorites were the biscuits and Corned Beef Eggs Benedict at The Ruby Slipper in Marigny.   The portions were huge and there were enough leftovers for dinner!

Screen Shot 2018-12-24 at 3.28.24 AMRepresenting both ends of the spectrum, the top attractions of the day were:  the Katrina memorial, and the pre-game tailgating scene.

The clock is ticking down for last minute shoppers, but remember to slow down and experience the joy of the season my dear friends!



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