Ramblings from a Sleep Deprived Brain

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Knock, knock!

Who’s there?


Eliza who?

Eliza-wake all night. ‘E should try counting sheep!

Sunday morning, 3:00 a.m.:  Why am I still awake?  

My concoction of sleep-inducing medication isn’t working. Unfortunately, my bedtime routine was uprooted by recent surgery, forcing me to sleep propped in a living room chair with all its distractions.  

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Jelly Juice — A silly game of popping colored blocks to fill the screen with syrup. Mission 1: free the blueberries from gelatinous capsules reminds me of 1950s jello salads. The next task: eat all the frosted cakes and destroy the evil licorice traps! When my time expires, I refuse to feed the jelly-squashing monster by catapulting off puffy clouds for 20 minutes or paying $1.99 for five more chances to “complete this level.”

YouTube — The endless supply of mind-numbing videos on every topic imaginable. My current faves range from time-management techniques (imagine that!) to Adobe Photoshop tips and tricks. Makeup artists show me how to use five colors of eyeshadow and six cashmere-soft makeup brushes to make my hooded eyes look ten years younger. Beautiful vloggers sit in picturesque offices, color-coded bookshelves and meticulously glittered “#girlboss” signs in the background. Dog training videos demonstrate puzzles and games that the Hero Dog will master in five minutes or less.

Pinterest — I check out the “52-week photo challenge” by petapixel.com to stretch my creativity and technical abilities. A mouth-watering pin with “32+ Chicken Breast Meal Prep Recipes” from sweetpeasandsaffron.com now added to my recipe board. The bright and cheery pin, “Planner Organization: How to color-code your planner so you’ll use it effectively” by allaboutplanners.com.au, feeds my time management obsession.   

Perhaps a book might settle my restless mind.  I read a few pages of the paperback Daring Greatly by Brené Brown, but quickly realize my fuzzy brain can’t handle it.  I switch over to A Study in Scarlet Women, first in the Lady Sherlock Series on Audible. If all else fails, Kindle has more than a dozen titles that await my attention. I’m currently tackling Getting Things Done by David Allen.  Oh the IRONY….

Time check, 7:30 a.m.:  Dawn rises, and the coffee pot gurgles to life refocusing my runaway brain.


Sharon and the Hero Dog

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