Time to Get Cozy


Photo from “We Love Occoquan, VA”

It was as the forecasters predicted.  The snow covers the ground in a layer roughly 5-6 inches deep.  The harsh, dull landscape of winter is replaced by a sparkly and pristine thermal blanket.  The constant hum of traffic on a busy street is replaced by the sound of snow plows grinding their blades on the asphalt.  The sky was a gauzy grey all day.  Temperatures refused to budge above 33 degrees, ensuring our winter wonderland lingered.


The area school districts already announced tomorrow’s closures precluding the need for local children to wear their pajamas backward in superstition.  Washington Dulles International Airport is closed, and the DC metro buses called it quits for the day as well.  Life is suddenly more peaceful.  It’s the perfect excuse to enjoy the day snuggled up in a cozy throw blanket with a good novel in hand.


Photo from “We Love Occoquan, VA”

The first fall of snow is not only an event, but it is a meagical event.  You go to bed in one kind of world and wake up to find yourself in another quite different.  And if this is not rnchantment, where is it to be found?  ~ J.B. Priestley

How often do we find ourselves longing for a cozy day at home, gazing out the window as the snow silently falls outside?  How often do we have the opportunity to sleep in, leisurely fix breakfast, savor that first cup of coffee?  How often do we get to laugh like children as we watch man’s best friend bounce for joy in the still pristine, newly fallen snow?


Photo from “We Love Occoquan, VA”

Today was that day.  Church services were canceled.  There was absolutely nothing that we had to do — a rare commodity for sure.  And a few moments ago, the Office of Personnel Management announced that Federal Government offices will be closed tomorrow.  A smile spreads across my face, and I rejoice that there is no need to wear my pajamas to bed backward tonight!


Stay warm and be safe out there my friends!


Sharon and the Hero Dog


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