Remember That Song?

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There used to be a time when I could read a book, listen to the radio, watch a movie or a TV show and the next day share all the details with family, friends, or colleagues at work.  Now I can’t remember if I’ve watched a particular movie.  I keep a list of books I’ve read on Goodreads.  The music I love is saved in playlists on my phone.

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Julie Beck wrote a fascinating article for The Atlantic about the subject of “recall memory” in which she explains: “For many, the experience of consuming culture is like filling up a bathtub, soaking in it, and then watching the water run down the drain. It might leave a film in the tub, but the rest is gone.”

Now with a shiny and lightning fast smartphone in my hand, I needn’t remember much of anything anyway. In this age of smartphones and apps, the need to summon information from the depths of my aging brain is much less necessary.

The phone number to my dentist?  Nope.  “Siri, call my dentist.”

My friend’s birthday?  Nope, social media’s got that one covered.

How to spell “conscience”?  Nevermind, autocorrect knows what I’m trying to say.

Call and order takeout?  Nope.  A popular app has won my heart by letting me get delivery from all of my favorite restaurants (bye bye cardboard pizza delivery)!

screenshot2019-01-31at7.01.39pmYes, as I age it’s getting more and more difficult to recall the plotlines of books, the great movie that my hubby and I saw just a few years ago, and the name of that great family-run restaurant we pass on our way to visit family in Pennsylvania (they make the most AHHHHmazing homemade pies).

Thank God for my smartphone and a hubby who has a knack for remembering the name of that artist… You know, it’s that great song by that guy.  You know the one I’m talking about don’t you?

Peace, love and blessings,

Sharon and the Hero Dog

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